Sep 23, 2013

Time Tracking

It all began two weeks ago when I started working on a really interesting design & coding freelance project outside of Viralica's working hours.

I charged a fixed fee for this project, so I thoroughly estimated all the tasks that needed to be done and what where the possible contingencies before calculating the fee.

Although I'm not paid by the hour, I decided to track how many hours I put on the freelance work to check if my estimates were correct and at the end of the job I didn't end putting more hours than I thought.

I could have tracked my time on a paper sheet or on a Google Docs Spreadsheet but I wanted an easy-to-use time tracking app with an integrated stopwatch. Doing a little research I found Harvest, a really neat app with a free plan and a simple User Interface.

After using this app for two weeks I noticed it brought me some amazing benefits besides what I intended in the first place — just measuring time and getting the total hours at the end of the project.

Let's say tomorrow I had to create a startup from scratch without knowing how to code. No Ruby, no HTML, not even a single line of code. What would I do?

Lately I've came across with lots of articles talking about finding your technical co-founder. I think it's super important to find a good technical partner but is something I wouldn't do in a hurry. While searching for someone, here I list a couple of things I would do:

Sep 6, 2013

Disciplined Patience

Last week I was lucky to participate on Sean Ellis' Ask Me Anything on

For the ones who don't know him, he is the CEO and Founder of Qualaroo, the author of Startup Marketing and a tremendous Growth Hacker.

When he was asked about what was the biggest mistake he made or constantly sees others make, he gave the following reply that got me thinking and made me write this article.

The biggest mistake I've made and see others make with SaaS tools is always trying to get the big win customer acquisition channel rather than doing the disciplined work of managing all of the growth levers. SaaS is something that can become a 20%-50% M/M growth rate through hundreds of micro optimizations across every part of the business.
Disciplined patience growing a business at 20%-50% M/M revenue growth gets really big after a couple years. And with SaaS multiples, within a couple years you can become worth 100s of millions of dollars. SaaS is not a get rich quick scheme, but if you are delivering true value in a disciplined way, you can build a very valuable business.

This post was originally published on Viralica's Blog

The past few days were some of those you can identify with the ups and downs of the startup life. It wasn’t because we lost one of our clients, or something went wrong. It was something very common that happens to most entrepreneurs, a completely unproductive week.